Crucial Info for Visiting Cannabis Dispensaries in Maryland

Crucial Info for Visiting Cannabis Dispensaries in Maryland

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Maryland recently legalized the use of recreational cannabis, which means that residents and visitors alike can soon legally purchase and use cannabis products for personal consumption.

However, before you visit a cannabis dispensary in Maryland, there are some crucial pieces of information that you need to know in order to have a safe and enjoyable experience.

In this blog post, we’ll cover everything from what to expect when you visit a dispensary to the various products that are available, as well as tips for staying safe and informed.


About Maryland’s Medical Cannabis Guidelines

First, a refresher regarding medical cannabis guidelines. In Maryland, medical cannabis use is legal for qualifying patients who have a recommendation from a licensed physician.

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission is responsible for regulating the state’s medical cannabis program, which allows for the sale and distribution of medical cannabis through licensed dispensaries.

Qualified patients may purchase up to 120 grams (4.23 ounces) of medical cannabis per month from licensed dispensaries in the state. The medical conditions that qualify for medical cannabis use in Maryland include chronic pain, severe nausea, seizures, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other debilitating medical conditions.

Maryland’s medical cannabis law also includes provisions for caregivers who may purchase and administer medical cannabis to qualifying patients who are unable to do so themselves.


About Maryland’s Recreational Cannabis Guidelines

Next, in Maryland, recreational cannabis use is legal starting July 2023. Possession of more than 1.5 ounces of cannabis is a misdemeanor punishable by law. The new law also enables recreational marijuana to be sold in stores as soon as July 1, 2023.

Adults 21 or older may possess and consume up to 1.5 ounces of cannabis flower, 12 grams of concentrated cannabis, or a total amount of cannabis products that does not exceed 750 mg THC. This amount is known as the “personal use amount.”

Additionally, individuals caught with up to 10 grams of cannabis would receive a $100 civil fine for the first offense, while criminal offenses would be an individual caught with more than 10 grams, resulting in jail time. Dispensaries won’t be able to sell marijuana to anyone at least 21 years old or older until July 1, 2023.


What to Expect When You Visit a Rec Cannabis Dispensary

When you walk into a cannabis dispensary in Maryland, you’ll be greeted by a security guard who will check your ID to make sure that you’re over 21 years old.

Once you’re inside, you’ll be able to browse the different products that are available, which can include everything from flower (the dried buds of the cannabis plant) to edibles, concentrates, and topicals.

You’ll also be able to speak with a budtender, who can help you choose the right products for your needs and answer any questions that you might have.

It’s important to note that budtenders are not medical professionals, so if you have any serious medical conditions, it’s always a good idea to consult with a doctor before using cannabis products.


What Products Are Available?

What’s more, Maryland dispensaries offer a wide variety of cannabis products, including flower, edibles, concentrates, and topicals. Flower is the most common form of cannabis, and it can be smoked, vaporized, or used to make edibles or concentrates.

Edibles are a popular option for people who don’t like the taste or smell of cannabis, and they come in a variety of forms, including gummies, chocolates, and baked goods.

Concentrates are highly potent forms of cannabis that are made by extracting the active compounds from the plant.

They can be smoked or vaporized, and they come in a variety of forms, including wax, shatter, and oil. Topicals are cannabis-infused lotions, balms, and salves that are applied to the skin for localized relief of pain, inflammation, and other symptoms.


How to Stay Safe & Informed

When visiting a cannabis dispensary in Maryland, it’s important to stay safe and informed. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

  • Always bring your ID:
    You must be over 21 years old to purchase cannabis products in Maryland, so make sure to bring your ID with you to the dispensary.
  • Start low and go slow:
    If you’re new to cannabis, it’s important to start with a low dose and wait a while before taking more. This will help you avoid unpleasant side effects and ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • Choose a reputable dispensary:
    Make sure to choose a dispensary that is licensed by the state of Maryland and has a good reputation for quality and safety.
  • Ask questions:
    Don’t be afraid to ask your budtender questions about the products that you’re interested in. They can help you choose the right products for your needs and ensure that you’re using them safely and effectively.
  • Follow the rules:
    Make sure to follow all of the rules and regulations that are in place for cannabis use in Maryland. This includes not using cannabis in public places and not driving under the influence of cannabis.


Story Cannabis: Offering only the Finest Products at Affordable Prices!

Finally, visiting a cannabis dispensary in Maryland can be a fun and exciting experience, but it’s important to stay safe and informed.

By following the tips and guidelines outlined in this blog post, you can ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience and get the most out of your cannabis products. So go ahead and visit us today – just make sure to bring your ID!

Stay tuned for more upcoming blogs, and be sure to follow us on our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram) for the latest news, product and brand updates, as well as much more. 

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