Get ready for an extraordinary cannabis journey at Story Springfield, your soon-to-be premier destination for all your cannabis needs, conveniently located at the heart of Springfield on US Route 22. Once we open our doors, you can expect a stunning dispensary experience that caters to everyone, from curious newcomers to seasoned connoisseurs. Seeking the perfect terpene profile for a concentrate? Our knowledgeable budtenders will be here to guide you through our impressive selection of concentrates. Prefer delectable edibles or exquisite flower? We’ll have you covered there as well. Stay tuned and prepare to elevate your experience at Story Springfield!

Dispensary Details

130 US Route 22
Springfield, NJ 07081

+1 (908) 430-8689

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This page is hosted by Story Companies LLC on behalf of Story Dispensary of Springfield LLC, a New Jersey limited liability company, which is a licensed cannabis retailer under the New Jersey Personal-Use Cannabis Program.

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