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Welcome to Story Mechanicsville Cannabis Dispensary, your community-driven hub for patient education and personalized care. Located just off Route 5 South of Mechanicsville, we prioritize your unique cannabis needs. Our team is dedicated to guiding your medical cannabis journey with thoughtful product selections, sourced from trusted brands such as SunMed Growers, Curio, Culta to unlock the therapeutic potential of cannabis, including the magic of terpenes and the entourage effect. Join our welcoming community at Story of Mechanicsville and experience the difference that caring and education can make.

Dispensary Details

28105 Three Notch Rd
Mechanicsville, MD 20659

+1 (301)-242-3202


  1. Sun 09:00 – 08:45
  2. Mon 09:00 – 08:45
  3. Tue 09:00 – 08:45
  4. Wed 09:00 – 08:45
  5. Thu 09:00 – 08:45
  6. Fri 09:00 – 08:45
  7. Sat 09:00 – 08:45
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