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Lemon Shandy is a Hybrid cross of Ya Hemi and Melonatta. Its dominant terpenes Limonene and Caryophyllene contribute to its flavor, aroma, and potential effects. Lemon Shandy is recommended to treat symptoms of ADHD, stress, and depression. -- Effect: increased energy, uplifted mood Terpenes: caryophyllene, linalool -- Crafted for connoisseurs. Exclusively from Curio. Curio Wellness Exclusive is our premier collection of Maryland’s most distinctive strains. Featuring our highest potencies and highest terpenes, each exotic strain is grown in small batches and hand-trimmed to deliver an experience that offers the best expression of a cultivar’s genetic lineage and terpene profile. Small batch production in our state-of-the art grow facility allows our cultivation experts to give each plant meticulous care, from genetic selection and growing to curing and hand finishing in a high-quality jar. This ensures that every plant delivers full-bodied flavor and aroma, and a premium medicating experience.

$45.00 3.5g Flower
Medical Patients Only Not currently available at .
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